I was a dreamer since I remember myself... 
Vivid pictures of the most unreal and spectacular reveries are always parading in my mind fueling my imagination - good that natural predisposition for engineering and unstoppable desire for active development made me an artist who does not linger over those marvellous pictures but who brings them to life! 
I love to give people a possibility to unleash their inner self, to experience something unusually beautiful and dreamy - something fragile and tender but surrealistically eternal... It was never solely about the photo session, it always was about experiencing the desired dream wide awake that can bring to life great parts of their personalities that were hitherto dormant.
Photo Session Rates
Unlike many photographers, I do not like to work for an hourly rate as it puts a lot of pressure on adventurers who wandered into my world. I understand that some people need more time to feel comfortable in front of the camera and I have no desire to disturb their pease and limit the joy from the desired project. 
Usually, photoshoots last from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the complexity and experience of the models. 
· Daily Dream Walk:
Are you searching for a way to capture a special moment, event or your beauty in a particular period of life? Perhaps your soul is craving for a visual representation of the desired attire of yours or emotions connected to something very dear and special for you? Or, maybe you simply need to see yourself from another point of view? 
Then this package can serve you well if you have a clear own concept and style of what you want to see as a final result, captured creatively. 
It includes retouched high-resolution photos, ready to be used by the client. 
In this package, the client is responsible for the attire and styling. I would play my part as a creator behind the camera and photo retoucher who is capturing the daily magic and can give advises on the go, as our journey develops. 
· 200$ for the photo-session; best photos retouched + 1 special, creatively edited Fine Art Image; 1 customer's outfit only. 
· 300$ for the PORTFOLIO photo-session; best photos retouched in the same style; up to 5 customer's outfits. Specially for those who need to create a portfolio for the agency/representation. Professional and friendly advices will be provided.
· 400$ for the photo-session; up to 3 customer's outfits; best photos retouched + 4 special, creatively edited Fine Art Image.
· Living Reverie: 
Do you feel like your soul is hungry for new adventures and discoveries of something significantly divergent? Do you feel that you are ready to become the hero of your own dreams? Then you are most welcome to discover depths of your imagination with this package. It includes full concept creation (with outfit provided), retouched images that are ready to be used in a way your soul craves, and specially edited images in a Fine Art style.
· $350 for the photo-session; best photos retouched + 1 special, creatively edited Fine Art Image; 1 chosen outfit/stylisation provided (or designed and created) by Dante Heks. 
· $550 for the photo-session; best photos retouched + 4 special, creatively edited Fine Art Image; 1 chosen outfit/stylisation provided (or designed and created) by Dante Heks. 
· $850 for the photo-session; best photos retouched + 7 special, creatively edited Fine Art Image; 2 chosen outfit/stylisation provided (or designed and created) by Dante Heks. 
· Custom Fantasy:
Do you have an idea of how exactly your reverie shall look and feel? Is your soul craving for the sensation of touching creation of your own imagination? Then I can assist you, my friend...  This package is special because the outfit will be created custom to fit the desire of the client. Process of creation can take some time though so all shall be planned accordingly. 
· From $2000 to $10000 depending on the complexity of the outfit and materials required for making it (fabric; stones(gemstones); elements of craft, etc.) The outfit stays with the client after the photo session. 
· Extras:
If you would like additional requisites added to the stylization, I have a collection of peculiar items. Feel free to inquire.
Also, my cute puppy is always more than willing to pose on pictures. You can see the model here IG: foxy_erik.
· Requisites: depends on the requested item.
· Puppy model: +$50 to the chosen photo-session package.
Dante Heks reserves the right to use any photograph taken at any photo session/event, without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph. You are free to share and use images from your photo session. All images are not to be manipulated, edited, or used commercially in any shape or format without written permission of Dante Heks. To obtain consent, interested parties should send an email to dante.heks@gmail.com.
All models ought to sign a model release form before cooperation starts.  
By booking my services, you certify that you have read and agreed to the terms & conditions outlined here.
Book Covers/Graphic Design
The price depends on the project and deadline. The starting point in 300$. 
Photo Retouching
Basic colour correction/photo retouching: $20 per image. 
Custom Fine-Art photo editorial: starting from $100 per image. The price depends on the project. 
I am open for cooperation with photographers if their works would not lower the standard of my already existing portfolio. Usually, I do my makeup and stylisation myself. 
TFP is possible but only if the project catches my curiosity and can bring something new on good quality. 
For commercial purposes, I am available for booking for $250 per hour. 
Please before you contact me, note that I DO NOT and WILL NOT even consider cooperation if its core is: 
Nudity, Acts, Fetish, Bodypaint or any other project that requires the model to pose in a vulgar manner. No matter how artistic it is - it is against my core values. 
Marketing Assistance
Price very on the project and type of assistance required.
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